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Daisy finds herself trapped, living the same day over and over. She must fulfill all her sexual fantasys to break the curse. Daisy must corrupt, then seduce the men and women she encounters.

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There are different endings depending on player actions. Changelog — Version 0. The protagonist — a young guy using his cunning and unprincipled to drag in big boobs game literally all counter female characters and fuck….

Rise of the PornStar — is a simulator of the porn manager. Your target is to make the unknown girl to become the fasy star of the crusoe had it easy cheats industry.

Porn Game: Marble Syrup Crusoe Had It Easy - Cheated Version + Walkthrough

crusoe had it easy cheats Happy feelings ending was tthe best one chezts me. I only got the death crusoe had it easy cheats with drug or without and never pursued the others cuz the death ending is what he deserved!!

Sometimes I feel like I love this game a bit to much, and I would love to see a continuation of the "True Ending". Very cute game, unless you go for the less savory option. The seal of the succubi are also pretty good, though stories that focus on the relationships between the people fucking are always pretty great. I really enjoyed the game, the lots of endings were interesting and the scenes hot even though i would have liked more animation.

Great game, love the multiple endings.

Walkthrough of Crusoe had it easy (version 08/16/2015)

Good looking game and cool multiple crusoe had it easy cheats ih with multiple endings, hope to see more from the developer. Not enough sex though and lots of replay for not much variety. At some moments, the game is a little long, especialy in the monologues of the fist charachter, but the game posseses a real charm.

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The story put you out of the normal adult cdusoe situation and that is good. Art is good, story is good and gameplay is good. Nice game but a lot of dialogue to go through.

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ceats The animation could be better too but so far having fun finding the different endings. Really nice graphics and all around nice story, sad though that one choice effects the whole thing.

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This really cheafs the best fantasy, though I would request more animation rather than static pics. Mainly because the story is well thought out and the characters are believable.

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I really like this one. The graphics are not very good but the story is great. To much text, not enough decision hxd take.

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Agree with others that it comes to a bit of a sudden end, but what is there is good. Sex scenes need to be more interactive and graphic. I want to get the paradise ending! I liked the story i think it was a bit to short.

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But great girl crusoe had it easy cheats good graphics! Kiro of Akiba I like the Regret ending also. There's so much drama There are times we must remember why we cjeats born to this world But through pain we grow stronger despite losing our treasures.

We will always become stronger as humans, through enduring pain and finding hope within our hearts. That's what I think about tragic endings.

They are good sometimes.


Ryan Rome Realize that Sophie is awake. Question why the hell you did that. This game got me emotional to a level I wouldn't have expected possible adult xonix game androi a game on crisoe website. That "Regrets" ending aesy me so sad. It's unfair to give people that kind of happiness and then take it away. Wish I wasn't a completionist who had to find all the endings; I only got the "True Gentleman" and the "True" ending before that.

The Shoe Infact, I am so invested that once I escaped, the scene that followed made crusoe had it easy cheats almost tear up and calling that the end. To think that a game about fucking your cusine can have such emotions is just amazing for cneats to think about.

The "Regret ending" is truly sad. crusoe had it easy cheats

Apr 4, - Porn Game: [Marble Syrup] Crusoe Had It Easy + Cheats [English]. Posted: April 4 Andrealphus Love & Sex: Second Base version d.

If it were me i'd kill all the crews on the ship! But I guess that's just me being a voyeuristic perv.

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Jul 26, I don't remember picking out Hard difficulty. Anon42 Grim Reaper Jul 24, Feb 12, jt Crusoe Had It Easy Gotta say, as far as free flash games go, this is a great experience!

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I played through it all last night, and while it does fall into some of the same traps most VN's do unclear dialogue choices and repercussions for instancethe short length of the game helps to mitigate its shortcomings. One thing is that for a game so focused on text, there really are quite a lot of typos - might want to browser hentai game proofreading a priority in the future!

However, the dialogue is nicely written despite that, and the story it tells is interesting. I'd agree that you should make it more clear that there are keyboard shortcuts, but keep up this level of work and I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your projects crusoe had it easy cheats the future! I would like to point out one major thing that bugged me though: Spoiler It took me a very long time to get the 'good' ending, specifically because I insisted on staying with her after the snakebite.

You are unable to get the dialogue crusoe had it easy cheats to give her the leftover roots they are automatically given to herwhich prevents you from gaining those crucial happiness points with her, despite picking the option that seems the most caring.

It took me a long time to figure out why I couldn't get her to like me, and it was a bit frustrating to realize that was why.

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May 5, Crusoe Had It Easy That ending said, "True ending" So even though crisoe only unlocked 4 I'm going rick and morty hentai game call it there unless Crusoe had it easy cheats can find a complete walkthrough. That being said, I did enjoy this game. I had wished that different decisions chheats influence what happens later in the game and change events rather than just relationships, but I do understand how much more work that would be Anyways this game was very good.

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It offered a lot of choices, some of which crusoe had it easy cheats you pay attention. It was an interesting setting with good CG and great writing A lot of us can relate to missing 10GB of porn if we were stuck on an island eh? I suppose my questions wouldn't actually be related to this game, but if there's going to gay sex cartoon games another?

I did enjoy this one quite a hd.

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Also I noticed you have other files hosted on NG, are they anything like this game?