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Tony attempts to break up with Irinawho threatens to commit suicide if he leaves her. Tony later receives a call from Irina's cousin, Svetlana Kirilenkoinforming him that Irina attempted to kill herself by drug overdose.

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Tony visits her in the hospital and suggests that she seek a therapist. When Carmela accuses him of continued infidelity, Tony tries to cast himself in a positive light by explaining Irina's suicide attempt to her, which only enrages his wife further.

2 Episode Dream Job Season 12 -

Silvio, along with Svetlana, seem to persuade her to move on with her life. Janice looks at Carmela smugly and tells her Richie will never stray, as there would never be anyone else who would let him hold a gun to their head as they have sex.

2 12 Job Season Dream - Episode

At their engagement party, Richie professes his love for Janice and his gratitude for entering a great family. Witnessing the pair's affection and happiness, Carmela escapes to the kitchen and sobs uncontrollably.

Job 12 - Episode Dream Season 2

The following day, she finds Victor at a paint store and thanks him for not showing up to their intended luncheon, since she would have done things that she would have later regretted. Really but when are you leaving?

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And you were about to leave without a proper goodbye! That's out of the question. Come and see me. I don't give a damn! I want to see you!

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I will buy some champagne! Are you sure everything is alright? I care about my staff.