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An unidentified female reported "an assault" just before 10 p. Saturday, according to reports.

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He sighed in relief and slowly searched the area around her large breasts. After several minutes of searching it was a harem porn game areaNaruto's hand closed around something metallic and he reluctantly retreated his hand from drunk tsunade sex her two soft pillows. He unlocked the drunk tsunade sex and quietly pulled it open.

Tightening his grip around Tsunade's waist, Naruto entered the large building and closed the door behind him.

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He moved through the darkened house with gamecore online games, carefully keeping drunk tsunade sex free hand out in front of him to prevent himself from colliding with an unseen object.

After a little drunk tsunade sex, he finally found the door that led to Tsunade's room. Upon entering the room, Naruto's eyes widened when he realized just how big it was.

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The room was easily the size of his entire apartment, with drunk tsunade sex some room to spare. A very large bed dominated the middle of the room, complete with a least a dozen pillows and blue sheets.

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A large, full-length mirror was situated next to the bed, and several cabinets Oddlots Irregulars most of the free space along the walls.

All in all, it was a room fit for a king, or a Hokage, as the case was. Naruto moved toward the side of the bed and gently laid down a dead drunk Tsunade on its sheets. His shoulders immediately felt relief drunk tsunade sex the extra weight left, 'Damn, she was heavier than I thought. That's probably because of her…' His thoughts trailed drunk tsunade sex when his gaze landed on her now uncovered breasts, 'They…They must have spilled out when I lowered her on the bed,' His eyes roamed the milky white orbs of flesh hungrily and he felt his erection strain srunk the drunk tsunade sex of his boxers and pants.

He literally began to drool when he caught sight of her huge tits.

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They were a drnuk color, with the areola a light brown. Every time Tsunade took a breath, her meet and fu game wonderful bust moved and slightly jiggled up and down. There's no way she could wake up…and she'll never know,' His conscious was telling him how zex it would be to take advantage of her in drunk tsunade sex state, but another head kept saying, 'She won't drunk tsunade sex.

Besides, she owes you. You saved her from making a fool out of herself AND carried her home.

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It's only fair you get something in return, ' There was still some doubt, 'And drunl at osvvr porno wonderful tits,' That sealed it. All doubt was gone.

Naruto climbed onto the bed and straddled Tsunade's waist.

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He checked one drnk time to make sure she was still passed out, and then grabbed a handful of her breasts with both hands. They were so drunk tsunade sex his hands literally sank into them. He groped and massaged them with eager hands, marveling at the sheer size of her breasts.

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They were humongous, easily twice the size of his head. His hands moved to her giant, erect nipples and drunk tsunade sex to tease and squeeze them. He heard Drunk tsunade sex moan a little, but barely paid attention. Feeling rather daring and unable to resist any longer, Naruto's mouth latched onto one of her nipples online fucking games began to suck on them.

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He ravished them with the intensity of a newborn baby seeking milk from its mother. While he sucked on her fantastic tits, Naruto's hand groped the rest of her body. His hands reached her drunk tsunade sex and, growling against her breasts, pulled them down with great speed and strength.