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Oct 26, - Concept ver. of new Slave-maker game. Warning: Adult Content! Play Game Seems like a good game, but needs some polishing.

Features in the new version: A completely revised user interface with a widescreen aspect ratio.

like slavemaker 3 games

Layout and colours are changed and many parts have altered. A new city of available for play, Dunmyre!

Apr 24, - Slavemaker is a fan hentai parody of the game 'Princess Maker'. various characters from anime and games, their personalities will be similar.

Selling Akane to the Lord and potentially other similar sales. It is the best imo, doing magic on rebalancing and revamping basically everything that was too simple or too complicated. The animationpacks replaced images with animations.

Or provides a wider games like slavemaker 3 of images.

Slave Maker 3.5

In my experience, just take what's porn dating games the HF mod, as the mod adds new sex actions, which would otherwise be without images. Both the mods seem to build on top of the HF mod, that's why I was curious seem be be just small tweaks. Thanks for your liie I found them on the wiki you linked: The mod the wiki seems to recommend games like slavemaker 3 the Nemth mod, games like slavemaker 3 I was gonna give that a shot Dark Helmet's mod, also called HF 1.

slavemaker games 3 like

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Submit a new link. You can simply merge the folders.

slavemaker 3 like games

This can be done at the Seer's, found on the map after she visits once. Pass a day or two.

like slavemaker 3 games

Topxxxgame should get a message saying the slavemaoer menu has been enabled. Feel free to post any comments, suggestions, or bugs and typos. Also if games like slavemaker 3 bug arises on any slave after using this, tell me first, Teen Fucks her Maids a good chance this did it.

This breaks gameplay rules, thus it may cause quirks, especially on custom slaves. The Cheat Menu games like slavemaker 3 now fully slavemwker. If someone has interest in translating the Cheat Menu, Yes it will be a ton of work!

Mar 31, - some work on updating some english translations of a couple of Japanese games She will be a minor slave, not sure about sex content considering age, but she . professional so I use it to gain knowledge and experience, but I do not like it! . Latest Game Release · SDK for Slave Maker (MEGA Link).

It is almost exactly the same process as translating the main game. Instructions are included in the Cheat Menu Help folder.

slavemaker games 3 like

slavemmaker If you need assistance, feel free to ask! A note on my source files. I decided to provide them because I just don't like closed source. They are here for the curious.

like 3 games slavemaker

If they can help someone, then great! I also provide them in case gamfs future events causing me to disappear, and I would hate CCM to go with me.

like 3 games slavemaker

Almost happy second birthday CCM! It's come a very long way in the past 2 years, and games like slavemaker 3 24 updates! You are a slave trainer in the kingdom of Mioya. You are contracted to train a girl to become the ideal slave.

Slave Maker Sex Games

She will be trained in many fields but gamee is a significant part of the training. Each girl has a training time before she is turned over to her owner and Boobalicious Puzzled that time you need to try have maximize her abilities. There are dresses and other items that help this, and also potions of various effects. Part of the interest in ganes game can be learning what these things do games like slavemaker 3 where they can be found.

The girls are various characters from anime and games, their personalities will be similar games like slavemaker 3 not identical to their source.

like slavemaker 3 games

Also note for this game they are all 18 or older despite the occasional school uniform you may see. Some more extreme hentai elements are in this game, including bondage, rape, ponygirls, tentacles and dickgirls.

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cartoon character rachel xxx All of these hentai elements can be disabled from the Options menu. Also note this is fan or doujin game, so is not for sale in any way. My apologies to the original copyright holders and artists. No offense is intended. Friday, March 31, Li,e Happy New Year Sorry for a delayed post, sort of kept procrastinating, but recently I saw a post speculating I was dead or something.

games like slavemaker 3

like 3 games slavemaker