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Mar 8, - [ATTACH] Overview: My Very Own Lith is a text-based Flash game centered Genres - All sex, seduction, striptease, handling a puddy tat, etc.

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My Very Own Lith

Sep 9, VespakSep 9, Oct 1, My very own lith Mini-Update for September v0. VespakOct 1, RoktasGabawzwagon and 1 other person like this. Oct 22, I already have the book. Pity it doesn't have a save system. The save system doesn't work.

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An if it did it my very own lith be quite the feat. Without having a account the data would have to save through the device. I suggest when you click the save button the game gives you a specific code that will accommodate your progress and decisions.

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my very own lith And a place to insert said code. If you are going for the good ending you can only talk with her but also avoiding doing anything naughty except for kissing until you reach a full blue bar.

For some reason I'm unable to summon the chair?

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I will SO spend time and enjoy the new things. Thank you for all the fun!

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Haha, I hope you enjoy! Krushnazag 5 years ago 0. This is really cool.

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Celtia 5 years ago 0. Better than ever, if that's even possible.

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Also, partially with the help of Hug but also with a few other things I've finally picked up, I seem to be getting better at completing it. I ended up working out how to get the Black Collar, despite it not being the loving route I was kind of aiming for originally, but no my very own lith how I play from the start I can't work out how to los simspsonporno comic the other collar, and I feel like I've tried everything.

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Hehe, thanks for playing! Alathazar Sajuuk 5 years ago 0. I can't seem to get the ruination achievement.

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Any tips on how to get raise lith's dominance and arousal at the same time? SnowyPaws Member 4 years ago.

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RafaelFuchs Member 4 years ago. Tianshee Member 4 years ago.

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Would be awesome to have pregnancy in this. If you have a vagina, let him impregnate you?

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Zombie Member 4 years ago. I don't normally like text games, but damn!

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My highest dominance for lith wuz 29 plz help me ppl. Akisohida Member 4 years ago. Jeeze, I cannot get dom past How do I make a dommy lil catboy? EllyWolf Member 4 years ago.


Tangenaria Member 4 years ago. Member 4 years ago. I couldn't agree more ;P. Numb3red Member 4 years ago.

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I feel like if you have both types of genitals, it focuses too much on the dick. Knotted, polka dotted, twisted, beaded, braided 3 Thursday, April 19, 6: Completely get rid of the idea of oqn despite this idea working fine for almost everyone 4 Saturday, April 21, The purpose of life is to reproduce and you want to pass on Your genes specifically. When humans ceased traveling my very own lith as a tribe and started to settle down download android sex games places pith was a conflict with this.