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Nov 30, - I decided I should since version 3 is now available. Edit sex trainings on Slaves, Assistants, and any owned Minor Slave. In game, change your Slave Maker's name to "Cheater" (Capital C!) This way if you play anything besides English, the major menus will match whatever translation you are using.

Hard to learn for a man, that talking is good Quest to go further: This game is so hard to win.

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I unlock the code colors and I get a key, but for open what? The puzzle is impossible, I trying to search anyway since 2 hours.

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No respect for the players. I told you, game not working for me.

slave 3 play maker

I no see some of things what you writing. Thats is why I writing what I writing, and still this writing.

3 play slave maker

And what of yelow text you talking? Only one yellow thing what I see is Other-Talk and option with green and pink color, nothing yellow Quest. Its looking what I play other version of game like You others.

Slave Maker Development

Why and how is it possible, I dont know. There have it, you smartpants Some have been minor, some have been huge!

3 play slave maker

Blah Blah update notes! Fixed a bug with the Slave's Custom Stats not updating.

slave 3 play maker

Fixed some typos in the Slave Maker's Skills menu. Added a Potions Menu in the Items Menu.

maker 3 slave play

Added a Slut Training option to all slaves Trainings menu. Reworked several menus to be far more efficient with less redundant coding. Added an option to toggle the Auto Translations.

Version 3.5

The Auto Translations pull text straight from the base game and use them to slzve the above menus. This way if you play anything besides English, the major menus will match whatever translation you are using.

maker 3 slave play

play slave maker 3 So now you will see stuff like Stats shown exactly as you see them in the status window in game. It will just flow better and be plwy little easier to find what you want.

Until someone creates a translation, the majority of the Cheat Menu will still be in English.

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This process can be a bit resource intensive, and as such you may notice some slow loads when you enter certain menus. For this reason, I included the option to toggle this feature off play slave maker 3 the Cheat Settings.

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Quite enjoyable but only at version stripping girls games. Note incest and mind control based. I sort of liked Library Story but I am undecided no incest here it is corruption based it is just the game play is not quite enjoyable enough for me.

3 play slave maker

Posted by cmacleod42 at 8: Saturday, August 13, Status. Sorry, I cannot really say things have much changed for me of late.

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I have had a poor run on things on my personal life recently, poor health, some depression, and my home computer is getting unstable and my finances do not currently extend to replacing it but it works mostly I play slave maker 3 been mostly inactive for instance on the Futanari Palace forum of late, but I am resuming activity now.

I cannot really give any estimate of an update for Slave Maker, but I will be doing one!

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Posted by cmacleod42 at 2: LifeSelector ardcore blowjob vaginal sex european big msker threesome american MILF Cumshot slave titjob doggy cowgirl missionary reverse cowgirl Roleplay oral sex fantasy reverse missionary double blowjob. Diesel Mine - Oak Ambition: Diesel Mine diesel mine big tits blowjob sex toys fantasy slave adventure japanese game. Zuleyka - The World of Porncraft: Whorelords of Draenor play slave maker 3 2.

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I'll probably take a stab at playing the 3. CodeMonkeyApr 25, I downloaded all the packs, but for some reason i get caught in the wait screen purgatory. If giant tits games want I can show poay file directories play slave maker 3 who I'm trying to start with, and maybe that will help the problem.