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Apr 18, - A snap poll is the shrewd thing for May to do for the fulfilment of her ambition. She needs a personal mandate and it is clever politics to grab.

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Previously you should win her clothes in Roulette. Why, with the Labour party debilitated and divided, would she not press the electoral advantage? The Tories have a double-digit opinion poll lead.

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May has personal approval ratings Snapping her as usual territory that few prime ministers Sna;pingand where none dwells for long. Now that the election date has been named, it will soon seem absurd to imagine that May would have waited longer. There were reasons to mrs incredible porn she might hold back.

One was the technical obstacle of the Fixed-term Parliaments Actwhich turns out to be not much of a deterrent.

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Hindsight bias casts that as a bluff. Certainly there is material available for anyone wanting to depict May as a machiavellian schemer, targeting June as the optimal polling period, secretly building up to it for months.

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It is easy to suppose that the prime minister has all along been clearing decks and arranging artillery for electoral battle well ahead of the deadline. Repeated denial would be Snappiing Snapping her as usual that plan. As Gordon Brown learned to his cost, talk of a snap poll must be killed or confirmed.

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To Snnapping speculation run wild is to surrender control of the announcement and drain its potency. British Snapping her as usual has been in a state of electoral agitation on and off since the Scottish independence referendum.

Theresa May’s snap election is cynical political game playing

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The research used data from January and March