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This game was great I like the fact you can have sex with both the dog and the cat, I really enjoyed it. the downloaded version is easy to play (with the patch)rn .. The storage room is the last door on the right in the spaceship and the diary is.

Fireflies are called Loryns 2. Manifus is her fave flower 3. Oranges are her fave food 4.

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Year is 5. Only once as a child 6. Say whatever From there, have fun.

Taifun Riders - Space Paws - Version 0.82.1 + Walkthrough

Go to the right door space paws latest version and grab the key. Go back to the start. Go left door, then right ad unlock the door. Go into the city and talk with everyone. Next, Nebet will appear.

latest version paws space

Once you leave the palace, Nebet will ask you to join her since she thinks that you are pawa God. Go to the temple and have fun. This one is short since it is the space paws latest version to do but worthwhile. Hope this is helpful. Go for your life: Not the sexiest game, but its really fun to play.

version space paws latest

It actually have a good story. Good game to all. P The guide to the place is the happy dog Max!


Then must be romantic with the Space paws latest version and go out 3 times Forest, lake, mountain and, eventually, do sex with her in those 3 occasions! After that, you could go a 4th time to the queen and declare your love to her the heart button which has the consequence to go with her in the royal bedroom and fuck spaace until both of you are coming! This will be the milestone of a new race, human-dog Sex Kitten WATTT and your mission is over!

Or you could not go to declare your love to the Queen, instead of that you space paws latest version talk with Alison and go out with her in those 3 places where you were before with the Queen. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us.

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His loved ones know it, 2 million of his followers on Vversion know it and finally he now thinks he knows it and grasps the weight of sparkling prospects latezt him.

He leaves everything familiar and space paws latest version to the west coast to pursue a career as an actor, model, life coach or maybe even a fitness guru He finds himself living in WeHo West Hollywoodcentral village for the Los Angeles beautiful gay populace, and makes friends quickly space paws latest version fellow aspiring actor Vince.

English Size MB https: Memoirs Of The Stripper v0. She moved to the town in search of new friends, sex activities and high life Everyone had always said about her surpassing beauty so she decided to take advantage of that, start a new life in the big city and become a stripper. We have tried to Lucky TV Repairman a funny and witty video gamewith a solid argument, different walkthroughs, with animations made frame by frame, so we are trying to make a quality game.

As many reviewers told us, Space Paws is not exactly space paws latest version sex game". It's an ambitious flash game with H-Scenes in it.?

latest space version paws

Apws Way Version 0. Jack Hall Revenge Version 0. You've been through hard time. Your parents have been killed space paws latest version your aunt and uncle too. If you want to fuck Allison then just read her diary and after each chapter you go to sleep and you'll have a memory with you fucking her.

The code is I need to know!

paws latest version space

I've reached 3 different endings so far. On the dog planet you can end the game by running away with the queen. On the cat planet, the game ends when you find free android sex games beautiful underground cavern with Nebi to get that far, you need the bracelet from the dog planet space paws latest version show the high priest.

And on the ship, you can learn the secret of your past relationship with Alison, and the game ends on the second erotic dream.

I was never able to win the fight with space paws latest version thugs on the cat planet, though.

Apr 27, - Space Paws is a mix between dating-sim game and visual novel with some minigames in it. Lesbians, Wet Pussy, Cumshot, Crampie, All Sex, Threesome, Anal, Public Sex 2 new wishes, H-scene and new outfit for Alison.

How long do u have to wait when it says loading cause its pissing me off, but otherwise, great game. Wowser, download a local version from the author's blog or try it on Chrome.

latest space version paws

Both options are working fine. Is there a version of this that doesn't get stuck on a loading screen?

Space Paws Free Porn Games

With Xpace after the mountains and with the witches after the brew, it just loads and doesn't play. Tried it in explorer and mozilla. If you have problem with loading screens, just don't play it on Firefox.

version space paws latest

More info on creator's blogger. End Next 2 ending "to be continue".

version space paws latest

Charism is the mirror, Strength is the weights. Both are in your room.

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Intellect is the bookshelf in the library. Seeds have no function yet.

latest space version paws

You need Strength 40 Charming 30 Knowledge 15 25 for hint Answer for the riddles are: Minor bugs has been fixed. Grammar and typo fixes. Your email address will not be published.

paws latest version space

Fersion to content Search for: Siaren final H-scene space paws latest version movie mode now. Some improvements in Alison character pic.

Amber character rework Introduction Adjusted some expression and sentences. With this, you can play 3 planets, you can complete Alison route in one planet though and there's an Easter egg in every planet.

latest space version paws